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With each passing day, the world of technology evolves. Biometrics is the future.

Live Biometrics Verification which cannot be copied because everyone has a unique fingerprint. It cannot be accessed by other unauthorized users or car thieves; it will never lose and will never change because your finger print never changes.

Our Biometric security solutions effectively address your security concerns and will provide security and safety to Business and Consumers alike.

Biometrics is ideal when absolute verification of identity is required. While previously cost prohibitive, and primarily utilized in critical situations, such as nuclear power plants, large financial transactions, securing sensitive data etc., biometrics has evolved into an affordable security solution.

Traditionally, user names and passwords have been the only practical solution in validating user identity. Unfortunately, they pose the biggest headache for IT professionals and end users alike. Help desks are overwhelmed by password related inquiries. Passwords are routinely shared, scribbled on sticky-notes, or written down and placed in easy-to-find locales. User names and passwords continue to fall short when it comes to real security; continued advancements in technology put any experienced hacker on a level playing field with IT security personnel.

Biometric-based solutions are able to provide access control and personal data protection. The need for biometrics can be found in federal, state and local governments, in the military and commercial applications. Not surprisingly, there is a growing need for this technology in the private sector. When the economy goes down, crime goes up. This is a hard fact. And the top 2 crimes in this country are: #1 Car Theft and #2 Identity Theft. Our products directly protect anyone, from individuals all the way up to large corporations with hundreds of employees, against those 2 crimes.